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About performance, and the technology and people behind Dynatrace Ruxit

Introducing RabbitMQ monitoring (beta)

We’re excited to announce the beta release of Dynatrace RabbitMQ monitoring! RabbitMQ server monitoring provides a high-level overview of all RabbitMQ components within your cluster.

With RabbitMQ message-related metrics, you’ll immediately know when something is wrong. And when problems occur, it’s easy to see which nodes are affected. It’s then simple to drill down into the metrics of individual nodes to find the root cause of problems and potential bottlenecks…. – Read the whole story.

Introducing Elasticsearch cluster monitoring (beta)

We’re excited to announce the beta release of Dynatrace Elasticsearch monitoring. Elasticsearch server monitoring provides a high-level overview of all Elasticsearch components within each monitored cluster in your environment.

Elasticsearch health metrics tell you everything you need to know about the health of your monitored clusters. So, when a problem occurs, it’s easy to see which nodes are affected. And it’s easy to drill down into the metrics of individual nodes to find the root cause of problems and potential bottlenecks…. – Read the whole story.

New “Low datastore space” problem type for VMware monitoring

We’ve enhanced anomaly detection for VMware environments with the introduction of a new problem type called Low datastore space. This problem type is triggered whenever a datastore runs out of capacity.

When datastore space gets low, virtual machines can become corrupted, which can lead to major outages. Below is an example of a Low datastore space problem card. In this example, seven instances of this problem were detected. Seven ESXi hosts are connected to the problematic datastore…. – Read the whole story.

Monitoring Docker container environments

If you’re responsible for running and monitoring Docker environments, you likely have two main concerns: (1) are the applications and services deployed on your clusters performing well, and (2) are your clusters healthy and properly sized for running your apps with the required workload?… – Read the whole story.

Code-level visibility now available for Node.js

Dynatrace has long provided code-level visibility for Java, .NET, and PHP. Code-level visibility is now also available for Node.js services! You can use Dynatrace to access Node.js code-level insights in several different ways.

Global CPU profiler

The environment-wide CPU profiler view shows the CPU activity of all monitored processes down to the code level, enabling you to profile the CPU consumption of each individual process, process group, service…. – Read the whole story.

How to ask your monitoring system about the future

As the great Danish physicist, Niels Bohr, famously said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” While predicting the future with any certainty remains a challenge for most things in life, Dynatrace has been working hard to make it possible for you to predict your environment’s future service load. By collecting information and metrics related to past load, user traffic, and performance, it’s now possible to make short-term predictions about the service load and traffic that your environment will encounter in the future! Such service load forecasts enable you to design an implement intelligent microservices provisioning modules within third-party cluster-management systems…. – Read the whole story.

Simplified search for specific user actions

When working with applications that have more than about 20 user actions, it can be a real challenge to track down specific user actions for analysis. Now you can easily search for specific user actions based on name or domain directly from each application’s User actions page…. – Read the whole story.

Monitor performance of iOS and Android mobile-app user actions

Now you can analyze the performance and frequency of individual mobile-app user actions in real time on the new User actions tab!

Immediately after instrumenting your iOS or Android mobile app, Dynatrace OneAgent automatically identifies the top user actions that your app relies on. User actions such as app startup, page loads, and even user clicks within the app are monitored out of the box…. – Read the whole story.

Real-time crash-rate detection for iOS and Android mobile-app versions

There’s nothing more disastrous for a mobile-app publisher than a new version release with a high crash rate. If your latest app release results in a high number of crashes, you’re guaranteed of providing your users with poor user experience—and a good reason for them to give your app a negative marketplace review. This is why the latest release of Dynatrace provides automatic detection of unusually high crash rates within specific versions of mobile iOS and Android apps…. – Read the whole story.

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